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TERRANEM™ is the product of choice for turf care professionals across Canada. The following information will be of value to professionals providing larger scale applications.

Product sizes available:
TERRANEM™ is available in a 500 million nematode package size for commercial lawn care companies, landscape contractors, ground maintenance professionals etc. The 500 million package contains 2 bags of 250 million nematodes, which can be mixed and used separately. 500 million nematodes are sufficient to treat up to 25,000 sq. feet (2,500 sq. m.) depending on the level of infestation.

Preferred water temperature for applying nematodes:
Water temperature of 14 to 20° C (50 - 70° F) is ideal for nematode application. If necessary water can be put in the tank the night before application and the nematodes mixed and added in the morning just before planned application. Cooler water will not harm the nematodes, just delay their performance until the water warms up.

Effect of chlorine in water:
Normal concentrations of chlorine (up to 0.1 % active chlorine) do not normally affect the performance of TERRANEM™.

Volume of water required for application:
Proper application of beneficial nematodes requires a carrier volume of 2 – 5 gallons of water (7.6 – 18.9 litres) per 1,000 square feet of treatment area. Pre and post irrigation is strongly recommended.

Proper droplet size:
There is no specific recommendation for a correct droplet size but it should not be too small to avoid the possibility of the nematodes drying up and dying after application.

Tank agitation requirements:
We recommend that TERRANEM™ be agitated in some form while in the spray tank. In a large spray tank a mixer or circulating pump will work well. By agitating the solution the nematodes are kept from sinking to the bottom of the tank.

Pump selection:
Diaphragm, centrifugal or jet pumps can all be used for application of beneficial nematodes. However, centrifugal pumps will generate heat which can be detrimental to nematode populations. Use care not to run this type of pump too long at one time.

Spray nozzle opening:
The spray nozzle opening should be a minimum of 0.5 mm (500 micron).

Proper pressure:
Use a maximum pressure of 5 bar (72psi) on spray boom or pistol.

Nematode activity in the soil:
If beneficial nematodes have adequate conditions of high relative humidity and protection from sunlight, it is possible for them to persist in soil and/or concealed habitats for extended periods. Without access to their natural enemies which they need to reproduce, their numbers will decline over time.

Nematode mobility:
Nematodes can travel up to 1" per hour, but don't assume that they will populate any surrounding areas like a common earth worm. They are microscopic, have a relatively short lifespan, and require host insects to multiply.

Application timing: Although beneficial nematodes can be applied any time pest larvae are present and soil temperatures are above 12-14 degrees centigrade, late summer and early fall is the ideal time for application. The grub larvae are vulnerable as they are small, thin-skinned and near the surface feeding on grass roots.

In Western Canada this application takes place earlier due to the warmer climate. Application times run from mid to late July into August for best results.

Effect of UV light on nematodes:
A: Exposure to UV light can reduce the viability and effectiveness of beneficial nematodes. For this reason application during periods of direct sunlight should be avoided. Cloudy days are preferred.

Checking soil temperature:
Soil temperature can be checked from 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.0 cm) below the soil surface.

Importance of post application watering:
A post application irrigation can be applied to wash any nematodes on the plant tissue to the soil surface. The post application should be applied before droplets dry and must provide sufficient water {0.1 – 0.25 in.) to allow the nematodes to move into the upper soil layers, out of the sun or drying air exposure. Applications can also be made before or during a rainfall to wash nematodes into the soil surface.

Sprayers suitable for professional applicators:
A: Koppert recommends lawn care professional contact suppliers such as Rittenhouse to choose the correct type of spray apparatus for nematode application. Rittenhouse recommends their Pestjet Professional Injection Gun which can be viewed and purchased at the following link:

Importance of lawn aeration and dethatching:
If the lawn is compacted and has a thick thatch layer, aeration will help get the nematodes into the soil. It also helps to remove as much thatch as possible before nematode application.